Sonoma acquired land in Bratislava from an international property fund and developed it into an industrial park for multinational and local clients. Sonoma performed legal, commercial, and technical due diligence, arranged project financing, purchased the land, identified clients, obtained permits, and profitably sold the land.

Start Date:2.2014
Project size:28 000 m2 of land



Sonoma identified an opportunity to build a retail center in an underdeveloped region of central Slovakia. Excellent site selection and efficient design produced a successful shopping center that has since been expanded to a second and third phase. The development was successfully sold to the Austrian-Israeli real estate group Alpha, in 2010.

Start Date:6.2006
Project size:28 000 m2 of land, 15 000 m2 of leasable space
Sold:to Alpha Development 2.2010



Created in partnership with the giant investment fund Immoeast GmbH, Sonoma developed a large shopping area in Slovakia’s third most populated city to serve as a retail destination for all of northeast Slovakia. Sonoma identified the site, performed extensive due diligence on the property, directed design, obtained permits, and agreed to lease terms with all key tenants. The project was stopped by Immoeast prior to the start of construction and remains in their property portfolio.

Start Date:6.2006
Project size:70 000 m2 of land, 35 000 m2 of leasable space
Sold:remains in Immoeast/Immofinanz portfolio



Sonoma purchased several strips of land in this town close to Nitra from their original owners and developed a vibrant local shopping center with Kaufland, Takko, Deichmann and Dracik.

Start Date:5.2006
Project size:18 000 m2 of land
Sold:10.2009 to Kaufland Slovakia and private investors



Sonoma developed the first stand-alone shopping center to be anchored by a neighboring hypermarket in Slovakia. The project was completed in 22 months from land purchase through permitting and construction, to leasing and sale as an income-producing asset.

Start Date:3.2005
Project size:8 000 m2 land, 5 000 m2 of leasable space
Sold:to Immoeast 12.2006